Scale of Language Proficiency

Eurocentres Scale of Language Proficiency

Your aim is to achieve a certain objective within a certain amount of time. We know full well that your time is valuable; that's why our entire learning plan is geared to one aspect: efficiency. The Eurocentres Scale of Language Proficiency is designed to help you to define your own personal learning objective and to assess your current knowledge. The choice of courses we offer allows you to start a course at the right level at the time you want.

Level 10 - achieve a precise, differentiated expression of thoughts and opinions in an natural style
- argue your case and negotiate skilfully
- write virtually flawless essays and reports  
Level 9 - feel fully comfortable in the language
- be creative in the language and develop a personal style
- put acrosss complex points of view in meetings, seminars, reports, presentations  
this level is important for study at university C1
Level 8 - intervene in a discussion appropriately
- deveelop ideas systematically
- emphasies specific points in meetings, seminars, reports, presentations  
Level 7 - keep up with a lively discussion among native speakers and interaction spontaneously
and comfortably
- present and defend your own point of view
- reliably pass on detailed information  
Employers value examination certificates on this level B2
Level 6 - participate actively in longer discussions
- describe problems in detail
- react to the comments of others
- talk on the phone without difficulty  
Level 5 - join in a conversation unprepared
- formulate thoughts
- monitor and pass on information
- give detailed instructions  
From this level you can use the language in the workplace B1
Level 4 - maintain a conversation and chat with friends
- respond flexibly to different situations
- express feelings  
Level 3 - make yourself understood in predictable everyday situations
- obtain specific information
- describe events and personal experiences  
Level 2 - obtain simple information
- understand answers to questions
- discuss what to do
- describe activities  
Level 1 - simple communication on holiday
- make reservations in hotels
- get what you need in restaurants and shops  
Level 0 - no knowledge


"EAQUALS is an international association of providers of language courses and services which aims to promote high quality within the language education field. In order to become an Accredited Member of EAQUALS, each school must undergo a rigorous external inspection to ensure that the school is able to meet the strict criteria laid down in the EAQUALS Charters. The inspection is repeated every three years. For further information about EAQUALS, visit"

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